Catholic Diocess of Warri - Delta State, Nigeria.
   Good Shepherd Catholic Boys' Secondary School, Oyede.

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GSCBoss Student Life

Student Life & Expectations

Our pupils live a life of high moral standards and are expected to be models of academic excellence wherever they find themselves. This is why we place qualitative education as first in our priority list.

At GSCBoss, academic excellence are treated as priority-one (P1). This belief was first championed by Reverend Father James Urien. He occasionally treats all academically outstanding pupils from each arm to a special meal in his office. Since then, it has remained a custom for pupils in GSCBoss. During this wonderful and special occasion, questions, feedbacks, setbacks and other related academic issues are discussed.

By doing this, the morals of the students are raised and the need for hard work is promoted.
Values & Morality

At GSCBoss, our pupils are decently groomed to be  upright, honest and always epitomize good character. We teach them to emulate the good ways of Jesus Christ Our Saviour by being the lamb of Jesus Christ. They are taught to exemplify good moral acts through decent dressing, speeches, ways and attitude. All these we work to achieve through Jesus Christ our Saviour _ AMEN

Leadership & Global Citizens

Our school is proud to showcase our graduates to the world because of the values and gift we have inculcated in them. Ours, unlike other graduates are well nurtured and groomed under the auspices of experienced and  qualified educationist who know what it takes to guide a child through to academic excellence. After graduation, our pupils can face the world with their fully attained and acquired skills, talent and wisdom without any reservations.

Give us a trial today, and you'll be glad you did.
Personal Development

We have a well-planned educational curriculum that bring out the best in our pupils. We boast of a well-equipped manual and an ICT-compliant e-library for real time learning. Our e-library is accessible within and around the school compound. The entire school environment from the Chapel arena, to our dormitories and sports field have access to a Wi-Fi network that runs none stop.

Other well planned programs in our curriculum are sports, music, dance, drama, clubbing (debate and quizzes) and societal activities. All these put together, makes Good Shepherd Catholic Boys' Secondary School, Oyede one of the best in the country.

Why we remain special

Guaranteed Solid Academic Background
At Good Shepherd Catholic Boys' Secondary School, Oyode, (a.k.a GSCBoss), we continually work hard to maintain a very high academic and moral standards with all staff and students alike. This, we have done since inception of the school in 2000.

Our zeal to putting all pupils on the right academic track is dream attainable because of the serene environment, world-class facilities, quality teaching aids, highly qualified academic and non-academic staff crowned with a highly moral principal at the helms of GSCBoss affairs.

Our well structured academic and extra-curricular programs like sports, skill acquisition, music/dance, debates, quizzes, excursions, carols, etc., have been designed to give your every student of GSCBoss the best that a school should offer.
Functional & Qualitative Education
We serve our students the knowledge they desire to the best of our abilities. Our classrooms are equipped with world-class facilities for teaching and learning.

We have a fully equipped modern science laboratory, an Olympic standard sports field for recreational activities, a gym hall and well furnished accommodation/Hostel for rest during bed-time.

Our students have won the Pat Ikomi prize for Junior and senior secondary category respectively in Delta state. We have also won the National Cowbell Competition 2013 edition. Our students’ performance at the Senior School Certificate Examinations(SSCE) organised by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and National Examinations Council (NECO) has been overwhelming.
Skill & Craft Development
Good Shepherd Catholic Boys’ Secondary School, cultural festival is celebrated yearly on the school playground with parents, pupils, dignitaries and other invited guests from within and outside the state.

It is an avenue where all tribes and cultures in Nigeria showcase their colourful attires, beliefs and way of life using dance, dress code and drama as a way of identification.

The yearly event puts together the best of our cultural heritage (dance and drama) from all classes of GSCBoss. Invitees and special guests from all branches of Catholic Diocese in Delta State are always in attendance.
Fitness & Sports Activities
Here at GSCBoss, sport is a vital part of our academic structure. We build on pupils capacity by way of conducting a competitive athletics meeting of all school houses for pride and honour.

The yearly event puts together the best in 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and relay race. Other events such as short put, javelin, long jump and high jump are also contested.

As usual, the event is always graced by elites of the society, parents, guardians, old students and special guests from all parts of the state.
Morality & Faith
Our daily mass service is aimed at putting pupils inclined to God in prep. for academic work. X-Mass Carol at GSCBoss is an event held on every second or third week of December before vacation. This event is highly graced by clerics from the highest authorities of our Dioceses.

Each December event puts together the best in lessons and rhymes from the season's collections of adorable songs. Pupils are also given the opportunity to showcase their talent on stage through songs and drama that signifies the birth of Jesus Christ.

Food, Health & COVID-19 Response Plan
We make sure our food (meals) are well prepared by our qualified catering service. Meals served are prepared in well organized and germ-free zones.

As a sign and rule for efficiency in the catering department, all staff (principal inclusive) feed from the daily meals prepared and served by the caterers.

These meals are well planned for nutritional requirements and the bodily development of our pupils.

Having a meal with us will speak more if you wish to give it a trial.

Meet Our Principal

Revrend Father
We heartily congratulate and welcome you to GOOD SHEPHERD CATHOLIC BOYS' SECONDARY SCHOOL, (GSCBoss) Oyede. Our school is like any other Catholic School built on strong Faith, Morals and Discipline while ensuring the birth of a Total Child in academics. As an institution of GREAT learning, GSCBoss Oyede has established a name over the years, with great standard of excellence in line with the vision of the Catholic Education Commission and the Ministry of Education.
We have an articulated and well structured academic plan that's comparable to the best world-wide. Our staff strength, academic programs and facilities are second to none. This is what makes us the most talked-about institution within and around Delta State and the south-south as well. We look forward to welcoming you!

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