Catholic Diocess of Warri - Delta State, Nigeria.
   Good Shepherd Catholic Boys' Secondary School, Oyede.

GoodSheBoss Clubs & Societies
We have the following societal and clubbing programs for the all-round development of our pupils:

-  Integrity Club
-  Mathematics Club
-  JET Club
-  Cultural Society (Dance & Drama)

These activities are organized every week to bridge the gap between practical education, play and creativity. As a way of consolidating our extra-curicular activities with real time classwork, we link our
Clubbing activities with our Volunteer (Mentors) program.

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These club leaders/cordinators work with our GSCBSS mentors to brings together positive role models from the society to meet with students during clubbing activities.

By this, students benefit from one-on-one conversation with these mentors on areas that will improve their grades, skills, set goals, attendance, behaviour, career interests, etc.

Good Shepherd Catholic Boys' Secondary School, Oyede.